I Can See Clearly Now: Wiper Blade Replacement in Spring Hill

January 31, 2021

About 90% of our driving decisions in the Spring Hill area are based solely on what we see. So having a good pair of windshield wipers is extremely important.Most Spring Hill drivers have experienced the frustration and fear of not being able to see clearly during a storm, or when our vehicle win... More

Charge It in Spring Hill for Extended Battery Life

January 24, 2021

Here's an interesting statistic for our in Spring Hill, FL, drivers: Only 30 percent of car batteries make it to 48 months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from 51 months in extremely cold areas to just 30 months in extremely hot climates.Why is that? It turns out tha... More

In the Hot Seat (Repair and Maintenance of Seat Heaters)

January 17, 2021

It's chilly outside. You flip on that switch that looks like a picture of a seat with little heat waves rising from it. You expect soon you'll feel that warmth but wait! It's not getting warmer. Oh no, what's wrong with my seat heater? There could be lots of reasons it's not working, and it cou... More

Emergency Items for Spring Hill

January 10, 2021

Safe FL travel starts with preventive maintenance and good vehicle care at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill. But there are other things Spring Hill residents can do to prepare for emergencies on the road. Here's some auto advice that can help you plan for emergencies, and just may sa... More

Spring Hill Exhaust and Emissions Service

January 3, 2021

Many Spring Hill residents don't realize that there is more to exhaust system maintenance than just tailpipes and mufflers, if you can see smoke or if it's too loud. Exhaust service at a full-service automotive center like Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill is really a lot more compreh... More

A Door No One Can Step Through (Fuel Door Repair and Maintenance)

January 1, 2021

Your vehicle has lots of doors including that one usually near the back on the vehicle's side. That's the fuel door, something you use every time you gas up. These endure hundreds of open-and-close cycles, usually without any problems. But when they act up, it can be a major inconvenience for ... More