Relax When the Wind Blows in FL: Winter Car Prep for Spring Hill Drivers

February 23, 2020

When autumn comes around in Spring Hill, leaves fall, nights get longer and there's a definite nip in the air. Time to unpack the boots and gloves and fold some extra blankets onto the beds. It's also time for Spring Hill drivers to winterize their vehicles.Here is some expert auto advice for Spr... More

Helping Spring Hill Drivers Get the Right Tires

February 16, 2020

Every Spring Hill vehicle owner has to purchase tires at some time or another, so it's a good idea to understand what the choices are. The best seasonal performance is achieved by purchasing tires to match the season you are driving in. Summer tires are designed for hot temperatures. The tread i... More

What Spring Hill Customers like About Us at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill

February 9, 2020

A big part of the service we provide at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill for our Spring Hill customers is education. We want you to feel confident with your service decisions. And we're always open to questions from our valued Spring Hill area customers. Even though we try to be proac... More

AAA - Cautions in Extreme Heat

February 2, 2020

{?video;480;360;;;/video?} With temperatures soaring to record highs around the country, AAA cautions motorists not to underestimate the ways in which extreme heat can wreak ... More