Spring Hill Drivers Severe Service Maintenance Schedules

July 4, 2021

Since driving requirements and lifestyles differ among Spring Hill drivers, your vehicle manufacturer publishes two auto maintenance schedules: the regular schedule and the severe service schedule. Which schedule should Spring Hill drivers follow? Here are some questions to ask yourself:Are most ... More

Make Your Vehicle Last

June 6, 2021

We live in such a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away. New stuff comes out so fast, we just toss the old and move on. In the old days, FL folks were real sticklers about taking care of their things. If something got lost or ruined by neglect, tough - they had to do withou... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill On Your Serpentine Belt

February 7, 2021

Today we're going to be talking about serpentine belts for our Spring Hill, FL, customers. Let's start by talking about the accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt. First is the alternator. That's the device that makes electricity to power the vehicle and recharge the battery. Then t... More

I Can See Clearly Now: Wiper Blade Replacement in Spring Hill

January 31, 2021

About 90% of our driving decisions in the Spring Hill area are based solely on what we see. So having a good pair of windshield wipers is extremely important.Most Spring Hill drivers have experienced the frustration and fear of not being able to see clearly during a storm, or when our vehicle win... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill Helps You Decipher the Menu Board: Part 2

July 19, 2020

FL service centers have a menu board that lists the services they provide. Some Spring Hill drivers may not be familiar with all of the items on the board so here is a quick description of some of the typical services that might be listed.Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill fuel system ... More

Hey Spring Hill Drivers; What Is the Most Distracting Food?

July 12, 2020

So what is the most distracting food to have in the car while driving around Spring Hill?Is it: A Hamburger; Coffee; A Soft Drink, or Gummy Bears? Well, you may be surprised to learn that all but the gummy bears are in the top ten most distracting foods when you are driving. But if you chose 'c... More

Economics of Maintenance for Spring Hill Auto Owners

June 7, 2020

Buying a new car in Spring Hill is always a big financial decision. The allure of that new car smell is powerful, to be sure. But what if your current car is still in good shape? How do you decide?People in Spring Hill who've been used to driving a new car every three to five years may be having... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill: Why Replace Your Engine Air Filter?

March 22, 2020

Just as our bodies need clean air to function properly, your vehicle engine needs clean air to operate efficiently. Let's go egghead for a minute. For every gallon of gas we burn driving on Spring Hill streets, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide comes out the tailpipe. Question: how can a gallon of gas... More

Relax When the Wind Blows in FL: Winter Car Prep for Spring Hill Drivers

February 23, 2020

When autumn comes around in Spring Hill, leaves fall, nights get longer and there's a definite nip in the air. Time to unpack the boots and gloves and fold some extra blankets onto the beds. It's also time for Spring Hill drivers to winterize their vehicles.Here is some expert auto advice for Spr... More

Serpentine Belt Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Spring Hill

December 29, 2019

Most Spring Hill folks occasionally have days when they've got a bunch of errands to run. Yesterday was my day off and I needed to fill the gas tank, pick up some groceries at my Spring Hill market, swing by the ATM and get the kids from school. I could have made four trips . . . but that would ... More